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Benedict XVI. defends himself against insult by the Catholic theologian Michael Böhnke: “Judaism and Christianity stand for two ways of interpreting Scripture”
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Benedict XVI. has defended  himself in a letter in the latest edition of the Herder correspondence against a disparaging remark by the Catholic theologian Michael Böhnke from Wuppertal. Böhnke had some time ago attacked the emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. with incredible sharpness because of a contribution on the theology of Judaism. So said Böhnke, who had signed the controversial anti-Rome memorandum in 2011, that these theses of Benedict contradict the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and the Christian-Jewish dialogue. The dogmatist said in a contribution to the “Münster Forum for Theology and the Church”: “With a christocentric aligned federal theology, which first pluralizes the covenant of God with Israel, then makes it dynamic and finally relativized, and then points to an exclusively interpretive christology. In spite of all the protestations to the contrary, anti-Judaism, believed to be overcome by Nostra Aetate 4, will only be chronologically continued and cemented.”
“What Michael Böhnke wrote is grotesque nonsense and has nothing to do with what I said.” Benedict writes, as the “Süddeutsche” reports. Therefore, he rejects this article as a “false assumption” to the highest degree. “For the emeritus Pope, it is not about mission, but about dialogue.” Judaism and Christianity stand for two ways of interpreting the Scriptures, “he writes and recalls that for Christians, the promises to Israel are the hope of the Church. Those who cling to it in no way question the foundations of the Judeo-Christian dialogue.”
“A mission to the Jews is not planned and not necessary.” emphasizes Benedict and justifies this with the fact that, although the missionary mission is universal, there is an exception in Judaism because they alone knew the ‘unknown God’ among all peoples. Therefore, one must only have a dialogue with Israel and the Jews, who is the “Son of God”.
Edit:  “A mission to the Jews is not planned and not necessary,” said no Church Father ever.

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