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The German bishops are openly rejecting the Church’s teaching on mortal sin and the Eucharist and are giving the Eucharist to Protestants and the divorced and remarried.
For them there are exceptions to the traditional teaching  on salvation , based on the their irrational interpretation of Vatican Council II .
If you would tell them Protestants cannot receive the Eucharist they would tell you , like Pope Benedict, that there is salvation outside the Church according to Vatican Council II( UR 3 etc).So if ecclesiology can be changed says  the German Cardinal Walter Kasper  then why not mortal theology. Everything us open to change theologically.
The German Pope Benedict  confirmed this in 2016 when he said that EENS was no more like it was for the missionaries in the 16th century.Pope Benedict also cited Vatican Council II as being responsible for this change.The German bishops think the same.
Now the new Superior General of the SSPX  seems to realize that there is a precise mistake in Vatican Council II.It was  unknown to Bishop Bernard Fellay and Archbishop Lefebvre.There are literally thousands of reports on the Internet on this subject.The reports says there are no known exceptions to the dogma EENS mentioned in Vatican Council II.Catholics have been mis-reading Vatican Council II.The German bishops too have been mis-reading the Council.A rational reading of the Council support the past ecclesiology of the Church and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS).
So now when the German bishops can no more cite UR 3 as an exception to the strict interpretation of EENS then what do they do they do?
Where are the citations in Vatican Council II to reject EENS and the past ecclesiology?
There are none . There were none.
What will be their reaction when the rank and file German Catholic points this out to them?
How can they say they were wrong  about Vatican Council these 50 years? How can they say Protestants are outside the Church according to Vatican Council II since they don’t have Catholic faith with the baptism of water in the Catholic Church( AG 7, LG 14)?
So when this is told to them by the  media in Germany will they revert to the old irrational interpretation of the Council ?
Will they excommunicate those Catholics who endorse Vatican Council II but interpret it rationally?
Where will Cardinal Ladaria be in all this? Will he convert the German bishops or will he continue to support the error as he does presently ?
Will Archbishop Guido Pozzo offer Mass in Germany with the obsolete interpretation of Vatican Council II, since it is politically  correct?
Will the two popes agree theological or will the German bishops just quit the Church in a schism, supported by the Left ?   -Lionel Andrades

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